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    Travel Advice
    1 – Do not ever trek alone. There have been several incidents of disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years. Always hire a guide.

    2- Food and Water Safety: Do no Purchase the water which is not labeled properly or seal is broken, and do not eat at any places, instead choose only clean and hygienic hotel or restaurants.

    3- It is advisable that you take a mask whenever you are in Kathmandu. Although Nepal is known for its best environment and beauty, the major cities like Kathmandu can make you sick. Hence walking, or cycling on a busy day is not advisable due to its pollution level, crowd, and traffic.

    4- Do not give money to beggars even though if they look pitiful, this encourages them to beg you more and they might even follow you. If you are really interested to help one of those, you can find several charitable organizations and make sure those charity organizations are genuine as well.

    5- Do not touch the head of Nepalese or show your feet towards them, it is considered as ill behavior.

    6- Be cautious and get updated about the strikes where transportations are not allowed as they can hamper your travel plans and delay your schedules. Whereas if you have to go Airport or coming from the Airport the government operates special bus service for tourists only with police security, be updated.

    7- Avoid dance bars in major cities of Nepal specially Kathmandu and pokhara. They might charge you very high then the regular price and they are also known for their violent activities.

    8- There is no night life in Nepal, by 10-11 pm all the shops and entertainment areas get closed.

    9- There might be some entrance fee around temples, public areas and heritage area hence one need to be updated about these rules.